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About Us

Our solutions were developed over a 5 year period by a planter, an electronics engineer and a software team.
The three solutions improve yield, stabilise the OER and reduce costs and wastage without interfering with current SOPs:

1. Digital Recording - counts, grades and weighs FFBs digitally in every block.
2. tree2mill - provides you with same day data on the FFB evacuation from field to the mill.
3. stop-gaps - brings you same day alerts on gaps in harvesting and manuring

tanalys is proud to be the Oil Palm Industry's sole provider of location based solutions that. Our proprietary solutions provide a complete one-stop location based solutions with seamless integration with ERP and GIS applications.

Our Commitment

tanalys’ goal is to remain the principal provider of outsourced location based services for the Oil Palm Industry by constantly developing new solutions that answer planters’ unresolved issues.
• The impact on field workers is and will always be minimal.
• The impact on Middle Management is and will always be marginal.
• The impact on management decision making is and will always be to the maximum benefit.