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Digital Recording

Instead of using pen and paper FFB checkers record who harvested how many FFB, of what grade, when and where on a tablet. The big difference between the two methods is the when and where becomes easy to capture, hence can be used to better measure what takes place in various parts of an estate.

This simply takes away the limitations of paper and pen data capture.

Because the data is been captured on a tablet in a fool proof yet simple process – management now also know “where the FFB came from & when was it cut”.

This impacts tanalys' tree2mill and stop-gaps tools in a unique fashion:

  • As soon as tree2mill is deployed, management immediately knows “where unattended FFBs are”. Or “How long does it take to move FFBs from a given field to the mill”. Time can be readjusted to lower cost while maximizing the OER.
  • And when stop-gaps is deployed management immediately knows where palms where left unattended by harvesters or manurers.

Consider digital recording as a different type of measuring tape. A tape that measures what happens in every corner of an estate so as to act on either unattended FFBs and/or unattended palms.

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